Spencer-HargreavesWith a retro history we are proud to announce Vitamin Sea is a brand celebrating and embracing all things ocean. Vitamin Sea Surfboards started as a surfing project in the UK by Tad Ciastula in 1978, then joined by legendary surfer/shaper Chris Jones. They made some great twin fins during the early 80’s under licence for Mark Richards and Cheyne Horan.

Not much has changed in the spirit of the company between 1978 and now, it all about living, breathing and respecting the ocean. The sea is a harsh mistress at times, however there is something uniting about the ocean that anyone can connect to. Whether you’re carving it up at your local surf break, charging at a kite surfing session, feeling the sand between your toes, marvelling at the world beneath whilst snorkelling or letting the water cleanse your stresses away with a swim to recharge the batteries, the sea empowers a feeling, an experience and a lifestyle like nothing else can!

As Vitamin Sea launches new ranges of clothes, swimwear and surfboards we want you to be involved. We will be sharing new ideas and designs on this website as well as our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. We are also more than just a name, with a passionate belief in protecting the ocean so we can enjoy it’s glory for years to come…until we’re retro again.

When relaunching the Vitamin Sea brand, we wanted to capture the essence of the original company in look and intent. Our new logo is aesthetically inspired by the original Vitamin Sea logo (why would you want to deviate from all that retro charm!).

The Vitamin Sea brand has no age barriers, it caters to a certain personal attitude where the style is adventurous, fresh, healthy and relaxed.

“Surfing never Dies, it will always be a part of us” – Tad Ciastula 1978  (original Vitamin Sea founder)


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